08 July 2011


Like God said to Adam
“Go forth and conquer the earth”
Naming creatures
That didn’t need them at all
So you name me,
And claim your Godhead
I need no name.
Only a heart to give me emotions,
A mind to give me thoughts,
And a soul to give me purity.
The body that I inhabit
Is here for appearance only,
Gives motion and protection
It is not who I am.
You are not the first
You will not be the last,
To look upon my body
With its curves, shapes, and blemishes,
Giving me a name I do not need.
I am not saying that I am perfect
I am far from it,
But I know what I am,
Beautiful in heart, mind, and soul
I have emotions
I have thoughts,
And though many have tried to steal it,
I have purity.
Names cannot steal this from me,
Only I control what I am.
You may be able to hurt me,
But there will be
People to help me fix those hurts,
And one of those people is

Copyright Heidi-rose I. Creuizger

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