28 July 2011

Behind "As of Now"

Last night I went outside to take in the diapers I had hung to dry earlier.  I noticed it was a beautiful night.  When I went upstairs I got the kitchen cleaned up and thought that I would clean, do a bit on my computer or read the newspaper then go to bed.  But I remembered how nice it was outside and that I don't get a lot of chances to just sit on my own like that.  Everyone else was asleep, I knew Adam could listen for the girls without me.  So I took my laptop, a snack and the paper outside. 

I've been meaning to start writing at least once a week, if not every day for at least 5 minutes.  In high school Lit class we'd be given a topic, often just a word.  And we'd write for some amount of time.  I honestly can't remember how long but I want to say 15 minutes. Which seems forever at first but is such good practice!  We were told to just keep writing, not to stop.  Even if all we wrote was how we hated writing for so long or had nothing to say.  But just keep writing.  I want to have 15 minutes a day, but I rarely do.  So I'll go with 5 for now.  Anyways.  I told myself to just write.  I didn't set a timer, I said just write.  Don't edit yourself (ok, so I did a bit).  Don't say it's crap or good (ok, I did).  I didn't give myself a word or anything.  I just wanted to write.  And man oh man did it feel good!  I would have preferred to have my paper and pens, I can write with a computer but it feels more halting, more detached for me.  I decided to just post it.  Let it live and let the interwebs decide if it has any merit as actual literature or was what it was supposed to be, a chance for me to write.

Hopefully you'll see more of these in the future.  That big part of me that writes is sort of getting pissed off about being in a cage.  It's been given too many formal "write a lovely letter" or "have an online polite discussion with someone and try to get them to see your point of view".  Time to let it run wild and free.  Who knows... maybe some of this will actually be good!

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