20 July 2011

Story behind "Names"

When I was in 9th and 10th grades I lived in a small rural town.  I had moved there from a larger city.  To call the move hell is an understatement.  Even back in the "city" I had been a bit odd and eccentric.  But in a small farming community I was a downright freak.  No, I didn't have a ton of piercings, strange hair or anything.  I was just different.  And to most of them different was to be feared, avoided and what I felt most of all, judged.  In 11th grade I was fortunate enough to be accepted to a public arts high school with a dorm, back near my beloved city.  I was now almost normal by their standards.  But I still felt sometimes like an outsider.  I sometimes felt that I was still being judged.  So that's where this poem came in.  Pretty obvious I know.  But teens can't be expected to write not-so obvious poetry.

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