31 January 2011

About the poem

I thought it would be neat to give a mini story behind each piece.  "So This is Life" was written my senior year of high school.  I was in my Lit class and we were doing various exercises, as we did every day.  That day I was in a typical high schooler "mood".  I don't remember what the exercise was, but this was the result.  I remember hating it but I read it out for the group anyway.  There was a pause and then people said "wow. That was really good".  I've had people tell me that this is what they see as sort of an iconic piece of mine.  I still have trouble seeing it as there are pieces I've written that I like MUCH better.  But an artist is never the best judge of their own work.  A lot of the thoughts and images were things I was seeing around me.  The datebook being scratched was the classmate next to me, they had these little scratches on what looked like a new datebook.  The lunchbox was what I used as a purse back then and people kept asking where my Twinkies were, I used to say it ate them.  And I have NEVER understood why manufacturers put those little holes in shoes.

29 January 2011

So this is life

 “So this is Life”

All was going down

Like a heat wave on a traffic conductor.
You fill up the gas tank
and scream at the lunch box that ate your Twinkies.
Nobody noticed that you darkened your hair
So you lash out to the freak who’s next to you
and whisper
“Yeah this is life.”

So do you want to fuck?
Or do you just want to bump and grind?

There’s safety pin tracks on your arm
It hurts so much
You don’t wanna move it
But you’ve gotta.
It used to be a razor you know.
Right after you shaved your legs.
You used to cry to the death angel.
Your best friend tried to hold you
They tried to push death away.

This is life
Yeah, well,
this is life.

You wear your name tag at home
and you dress down at church.
You never knew Christ had a first name,
Daddy never told you.

Your date book is scratched too,
The latch is new.
Your pencil lined notebook’s splashed with your blood
You hold your pants up with a piece of cow.
The holes in your shoes are supposed to be there
still they let in the cold
and wet.
your shoelace never does get tied.

Light and dark make no difference to you.
You walk around screaming at the stoplight
that won’t turn green.
The walk signal’s broken.
True life is really down.

This is life
Yeah, well
This is life

Copyright Heidi-rose I. Creuziger